Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Proud parents!

Last night we went to the princess' school for a parents evening. Her teachers only had praise and were telling us what a bright, charming, happy and popular little girl we have (I'm allowed to brag aren't I?) So proud we were driving back home, discussing who she had her charm from (me obviously) and who she had her intelligence from (me again) and so on. The rest must be from her daddy! Anyway we were clearly wrong. None of us can claim any of the positive things we were told about our princess. Why...? I'll tell you. This happens later the same night. I'm happily snuggled up in bed reading. My soulmate enters and starts shaking his duvet loudly and 'accidently' more than once nearly knocking the book out of my hand. He leaves the room to get a drink and oops... his duvet, pillow and magazine are on the floor.....!! Are those the actions of intelligent, charming people?


  1. Aww that is lovely.its this weeks gallery theme too.

  2. She is awesome, funny daddy!

  3. She looks stunning! Stunning! Such a proper Princess in the making x


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