Friday, 25 November 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town...

.... it's true. Today at 4pm he will arrive by boat. We will be at the harbour waiting in excitement! It's a lovely tradition. Father Christmas comes every year to light the two big Christmas trees at each end of the shopping street.
Even more exciting it'll get tonight as Nana arrives (not by boat) on a plane from England with a suitcase full of goodies! How do I know about the goodies? Well, we were asked what we wished for her to bring over from England.... A long list was written!
Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent and in our house a little "nisse" (elf) leaves a little toy and some sweets in the princess' and the little man's Christmas stockings. There's also a Christmas market down town which we'll take Nana to see. The princess will be bringing her saved up pocket money in case (these were her exact words) "I need to buy something!"
But first it's Hello to Father Christmas at 4pm today!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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