Friday, 24 February 2012

She did it again!

Asked me if she can have this thing of mine when I die.... This time it was an item of clothing, last time it was a pen (read)! Guess I should be flattered as it must mean my 6 year old daugther likes what I wear. To be fair she did ask me first if she could have it when I grew out of it. When I answered that I didn't really plan on growing any bigger she shrugged her shoulders and asked "Can I have it when you die then?"

It's this lovely thing my dear friend in England bought me last Easter. It's my favourite thing to wear!

Do you have a favourite item of clothing? Do your children want them?

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  1. so funny! i remember saying things like that to my mom.

  2. Arr bless her at least you know you have lovely things,my 6 year old daughter put my dress on this morning and said it looks better om me mum lol :) thanks for the mention and joining the hop...

    1. Ah....:) Well I think I have just been lucky with this one thing! I'm sure she won't keep liking my clothes:)

  3. It's nice, you know whether it is hand or machine made ​​- it is different what I use for clothing and other items, depending on the needs and mood

  4. It's from New Look a shop in England. A clothes shop chain:) It's not handmade.


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