Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What would you call your band?

If you had one that is! It was the big talk at the dinner table today. The daddy has had several so he goes first. The first one was called Oasis (this was 5 years before the real and very popular Oasis) the next one was called Mind Riot, then it was Spinner and finally The Sextones. I met the daddy when he was the drummer in The Sextones. Word of advice, do not fall in love with the drummer however cute and handsome he is. Carrying a drum kit on the London Underground is not funny!
Next up was me... I had a band with my oldest friend when we were 8 years old, Labana it was called! We only had a tiny keyboard with not enough keys to play a real song, which didn't matter really, as none of us could play!
The princess thought about it for a little while, processing the fact her mummy has had a band as a child. She actually looked quite shocked! She finally decided her band should be called SpaceRocket. Not a bad name is it...?
The little man was the last one to be asked what he would call his band.... With absolutely no hesitation he announced "Mike"! "That's what you would call your band?" "Yes daddy, Mike."

What did you talk about at the dinner table today?


  1. Jeg har altid bare gerne ville stå ved mikrofonen, bandnavne er jeg af en eller anden grund bare ikke kreativ nok til, at finde på! Men jeg har tit tænkt over det, for der er bare ikke meget rockmama over mit navn, og slet ikke af international karakter, hvilket det jo også gerne må smage lidt af! Så ingen bandnavne! Men det lyder til at det går lidt bedre for her med, at finde på navne ;)

  2. Som du kunne læse, var mit bandnavn heller ikke det mest kreative:) Eftersom jeg heller ikke kan læse noder overhovedet er det med et band nok ikke den bedste ide:)Men jeg elsker alligevel at synge!


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