Thursday, 16 February 2012

"To infinity and beyond!"

Tommorrow is medicine day. It's the day every 4 weeks I go to the clinic to have my MS medicine. It's nice it's only every 4 weeks but what is not so nice, is to be reminded about the fact I have MS. I don't think about my illness in my daily life. Of course I have the stick with me at all times but that's part of me now. I even think that, if I somehow got a lot better suddenly and could walk normally again, I would feel weird without the stick, kind of naked!

At least it's Friday and also the beginning of half term. We now have a whole week off! Well, not the daddy, he only gets 3 days at the end of the week, but the princess, little man and I have a whole week off! Whoop whoop....
School has their "Fastelavnparty" (read) tommorrow so the princess is very excited. She hasn't yet decide what she'll go dressed up as. The little man had his "Fastelavnparty" yesterday at nursery and he went as.... Drumroll please!
I'll let you know what the princess goes as tommorrow!

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