Saturday, 11 February 2012

Then there were two.....

... roses! When the little stars walked off stage last night they were given a rose each again, this time a real red one! Now the princess' roses are placed on the dinner table for us all to enjoy.
One more week and it's half term! Woo hoo a week off! Here in Denmark we celebrate "Fastelavn" (sorry no English translation availible) but I'll explain. The short version is that the children dress up as anything they like, schools, nurseries etc have a party where a barrel full of goodies is hung up. One after one the children hit it with a bat and the one who makes it break and fall down, will be crowned King! It's a lot of fun and there's lots of other traditions to "Fastelavn" which I won't bore you with!
At school and nusery they're preparing at the moment so the princess and little man make masks and get their face painted. Not always easy to recognise them when I pick them up!


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