Saturday, 7 January 2012

Argh... When do I learn?

I've been busy this morning and not because I really had to, it's weekend and we're not really doing anything. It's just that I have the most energy in the mornings. Legs feel nearly normal so I just keep going. It's just normal stuff, getting clothes out, getting breakfast ready and then I (stupidly) also started baking. What I should have done was to remember to sit down. Now I can hardly walk which is annoying when I'm not finished with what I want to do. It won't last long, I know that and if I just sit for a while I'll be fine.... Hence the blog I'm writing! Can't just sit down for the sake of it can I..?!
Anyway legs alright now after sitting, first blogging then having lunch, which I did manage to get ready before legs need me to sit!
Right, will I remember now? Doubt it, as it happens all the time and I just don't seem to learn the lesson! Argh.... The rest of the afternoon will be used to just sit, reading my book. If the little man will let me that is. The princess has a playmate here and they're very busy and in absolutely no need of adult company. Well, unless they need food, drinks or treats of course!


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