Friday, 20 January 2012

It's all about the meatballs!

Well, not everytime but today it was! I went to Ikea today with my mum and lunch there was the highlight of the day. I just love their meatballs with mash and gravy. Not healthy...? Ah, who cares when it's so delicious!
Obviously that was not enough for my hungry tummy. I had to have more.... Soft ice with hundreds and thousands went down a treat too.
I did do a bit of shopping as well, of course I did. Not too much but there's always things I need from Ikea. Actually I go quite often because it's very close (too close) to the hospital where I go every 4 weeks to have my medicine. After 2 hours of being remined that I have MS (I forget about it most of the time or try too), a bit of lovely food and retail therapy is needed (and deserved) don't you think? Only got this today, all of it is something I really need!
My favourite is the very pink umbrella and the fake flowers, which I keep buying everytime I'm there! Hope you had a lovely Friday too, I certainly did!


  1. Interesting blog!!!! I am following from the Reflexion Hop.Please stop by Lioness Rebirth.


  2. Thanks:) Am following you. Have a great weekend:)


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