Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Little feet running.....

This is one of my best memories. It's from a time in my life where I should be ecstatic with happiness, which I was to a certain extent, but it was tainted by the situation we were in. I'm in hospital paralysed from my chest and down, only just learning to cope with the diagnosis of MS. The princess is 2, the little man 3 weeks old.
Every day the daddy would bring the princess and little man to see me. I would sit in the bed waiting for the best sound ever, little feet running down the hall! Followed by the princess' little voice calling " mummy mummy ". She would be closely followed by the daddy and little man. She'd climb into the bed to cuddle me, then I'd get in the wheelchair. The little man would be put in my arms propped up with pillows, there he'd stay the next 5-6 hours while I'd chat with my little princess. For 3 weeks the sound of little feet running down the hall was the best sound ever.

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