Monday, 16 January 2012

Ah... That sweet love!

The little man has his first crush at the moment (apart from his mummy-crush he's had since he was a baby. I have now been replaced). It's not a real person though but that's not such a big suprise and he's not the first one in the family either. He's just like his daddy who also had a crush on a cartoon character - read The List.
The little man blushes and gets all giggly when he sees her on tv. He asks to watch Toy Story 2 and 3 repeatedly, to get a glimpse of his first love, Jessie! She is very cute, so it's understandable she was picked.

Maybe it's a boy thing to get crushes on cartoon characters? I don't remember having one. I remember having crushes, but on real people characters. Don Johnson from Maimi Vice was one of them.
Have you ever had a crush on a cartoon character?


  1. Awww very cute! If only children stayed that lovely until time to fly the nest! Mind you equally if they did we would not want to give them a gentle shove out of the nest! I like Mator the old car in Cars, not a crush however which I am sure my husband would be relieved to know haha x

  2. I had a crush on Aladdin when I was a kid ;)

  3. Uh Alladin:) he's is cute. It's a film we watch often here and I think, the daddy might have had a little crush on Jasmin as a boy!


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