Sunday, 15 January 2012

I won again....

I feel so lucky. I never win anything, I know.... We all say that but honestly I don't and then just before Christmas I won a secret packet. This time I won this at sponsored by It's so cute, I just love it!

The princess and little man love it too and straight away found things they wanted in it.

About friday night's post, look at my little cowgirl... How cute is she? Ready to go to her friend's birthday party yesterday. She did have a change of heart before she left. The hat was too big to bring she felt! So a last minute hair do had to be done. A side-ponytail was made and off she went in her new boots!


  1. I like the hat! Are side pony tails back? I've always liked those too;)

    Stopping by from reflexions...

  2. Hi Courtney.
    The hat is from her Jessie (from Toy Story) outfit. My daugther seems to think the 80's are cool. She loves having a side-pony tail:)


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