Wednesday, 11 January 2012

London Tube map like you've never seen it before!

My soon-to-be-Father-in-law sent me this anagram of a London Tube map. It's brilliant and here's our life in London using the anagram!
We lived at Internal Puke, used to go shopping at Wonder Ego Shopping Centre. I worked for a while in Burn If Sparky, the daddy in Raw Achy, later I worked at Eldest Rot. Contend Grave was a place I loved to go and the market at Mown Cadent is a place I really miss! We used to go to Foldaway Rhumba as we had a season ticket to Chelsea 2004-2005, my tummy growing from flat to big like a huge football. Chelsea won the Premier Leaugue and the princess was born at the Wittington Hospital next to Raw Achy, as was the little man 2 years later!

Have a look at the link and you'll never be bored on the tube again if ever in London!

(The right tube map)

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