Sunday, 1 January 2012

Silly hats it has to be....

.... in Denmark on New Years Eve! That we did then but I'll spare you for having to look at the daddy and I so pictures are only of the princess and little man.

The princess did not do hats she said. She needed these glasses as she felt they were more her.... Nor the little man or princess made it to midnight. To be honest, the daddy and I struggled to stay awake but just managed though. At 12 we shouted Happy New Year with mormor who spent new year's eve with us. Today we've been relaxing and we have the next 2 days off too which is nice. We brave it to Ikea tommorrow though. Good idea?? Well, I'll let you know!
It has been a busy Christmas. The daddy had to work, Nana and Papa came to stay for 3 days between Christmas and New Year. That was lovely and we had a great time. We went bowling which I wasn't sure if I could with unsteady legs and a stick but I could. I even did okay! I actually would have finished 3rd if there hadn't been a mix up with the points, I won't get into it though, it's done and dusted! 4th is okay too! (yeah right...) The princess and little man really loved it too and quickly got the hang of it with their daddy's help!

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