Monday, 23 January 2012

Old and big tummies!

.... is the description of me apparently if you ask the little man. He's quite obsessed with my, okay let's be honest, rather large sponge like tummy at the moment. Of course him and his sister are to blame... They were in there doing lots of kicking! 9 months of kicking each they did, I have explained to them, that makes a tummy look like mine!
Today we had one of the princess' little friends here to play. She stayed for dinner and her, the princess and little man talked about big tummies. All agreed it also had to do with being old whether your tummy is big.
Conclusion then: I'm old and have a rather large tummy! Glad we got that established, lets move on and never have this discussion again. Also, I can't bare to tell them they're of course wrong, well at least about the old thing they are. I still look 25!

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