Thursday, 12 January 2012

"When will I, will I be famous"

... sang Bros (remember the blond boyband..?) in 1987, and today the daddy came through the door singing it! Why?? That's what I asked. Well, at his work they have an internal weekly news letter. Guess who was on the front this week?? Yep, the daddy was! The princess and little man weren't that impressed, not after having the magazine showed to them every two minutes. I tried to be patient but when the daddy hung it up in the kitchen, I had to break it to him. "Honey, it's a weekly news letter. Your picture will be replaced by next week. He didn't seem to mind walking off singing "When will I, will I be famous".
I would love to show you the picture but as it's an internal news letter, I'm not allowed to. You just have to trust me when I tell you, the daddy might be a bit over the top with his singing!

Actually if anyone is gonna be famous, it'll be the little man when he becomes a professional footballer. His newest football shirt brought all the way back from Uruguay. He looks very cool in it. Never mind he's only 4 and shoots as soon as he gets the ball. He's defo the new Forlan! (Pushy parent..? No, why would you think that!)

(My physio is from Uruguay and kindly brings back football shirts from his holidays to South America.)

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